[UNIX] 2.8.3

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Thu Sep 7 01:23:22 UTC 2000

Ian Piumarta <Ian.Piumarta at inria.fr> is widely believed to have written:

> Folks,
> Blessed relief!  I think we're almost there...  In the usual place:
Not so far as my Netscape can see; neither your inria site nor the uiuc
site will admit to the existence of said files. In fact, inria seems to
have lost the 2.8 directory entirely!

>    Plus other stuff, but I can't remember what.  Oh yes:
>    - I officially throw in the towel.  There is now a configuration
>      file in the "unix" dir called PLUGINS that describes the
>      obvious thing.  Until something is done about the names of the
>      generated files, this seems the only non-utterly-ludicrous
>      solution.
Is there something wrong with the way that generating a plugin for
external use creates a suitably named directory for you? All y'have to
do is make sure the accompanying files are in that directory and your
old make/autoconf stuff handled it just fine. It isn't something that
should be 'fixed' in make-land, it simply needs a tool in the image to
check that the right files are in the right place. Or even somebody
paying attention when moving the files around. I don't see it as a
terrible cost to anyone wanting to build a different configuration; it
only has to be done once.

Where a configuration file would be a help is on describing the
situation for a particular platform. For example liGNUx curently has no
MIDI or asynchronous file support, so there is no point whatsoever in
generating the plugins nor having the associated (null) files.


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