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Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Tue Sep 12 15:49:46 UTC 2000

(I'm changing the subject of this message so we don't get any more of
Bert's auto-responses. :) They're not a bad idea, though.)

"Randal L. Schwartz" wrote:
> >>>>> "Robert" == Jarvis, Robert P \(Contingent\) <Jarvis> writes:
> Robert>   If it's not an oft-used portal into the list perhaps it
> Robert> would be better to take Squeak off of eGroups to cut down on
> Robert> the spam possibilities.  On the other hand, it's pretty easy
> Robert> to spot these messages and nuke them without reading them.
> I use eGroups as my search engine for this list.  Is there another
> easy-to-access way to search the archives, which threads the articles,
> HTML-links the URLs, and extracts the attachments?

There are a couple of other archives, but neither of them include the
attachments.  (See the Squeak Email List link on the Swiki for info on
the various archives.)

Basically, I agree that the eGroups archive is worth keeping... it's the
most well-rounded of the three and the one that I use the most.

Also, I'm not really sure how someone could use eGroups to collect
listmembers addresses for spam, since people's email addresses are not
shown in the archived messages.  Or is the problem that someone could
create a temporary eGroups account to spam the list itself?  (We've
never had that problem with the Squeak list so far.)

- Doug Way
  dway at riskmetrics.com
  RiskMetrics Group - Software Research, Ann Arbor, MI

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