Lex Spoon lex at
Sun Sep 3 15:48:00 UTC 2000

"Raab, Andreas" <Andreas.Raab at> wrote:
> Not if you can legally embed the bitmap-ed versions in Squeak. E.g.,
> assuming that we tap into the OS renderer and pass the bitmaps representing
> certain glyphs at certain sizes up to Squeak where they are logically
> organized in a StrikeFont you could ship the strike font. The big question
> is if that's legal or not. As far as I understand, the general consent in
> the game community seems to be that this is fine (you are not shipping the
> original work nor anything from which the original work can be re-engineered
> nor even the 'apparatus' which was used to create the derived work, e.g., a
> specific font renderer).

This allows a TextMorph, eg, to still look the same on different
platforms, but it makes the same TextMorph hard to work with on
platforms that don't have the font available in the OS.  In particular,
you can't increase or decrease the font size any more!

To avoid this problem, assuming we do end up pulling fonts from the
surrounding OS, we should probably pull in a few alternative font sizes
along with the one that is actually going to be used.  Basically, load a
whole TextStyle at a time, not just one StrikeFont.

But again, why not just have a repository of fonts somewhere that Squeak
can use?  If we can generate them by querying MS Windows, that's pretty
good, but it would be even better for someone to generate the fonts and
then put them on an ftp site.  "load font" would be a great menu item
for FileList's.

I guess it would be nice to escape the situation we have now where each
font only has 4 sizes.  But querying the OS doesn't seem to solve it for
case of morphs that will be transmitted to someone else.


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