2.8 based VM for WinCE request

Kazuhiro ABE abee2 at geocities.co.jp
Thu Sep 28 04:30:30 UTC 2000

I ported Oshima-san's Multilingualized Squeak in Squeak 2.7 by
cooperation of Sumi-san.
By this, I got possible to send and receive Japanese emails with Celeste.
In addition, I got possible to read Japanese, Korean and Chinese web
pages with Scamper by using hack of Monaka-san.
These work with my Compaq Aero 2100(Palm-sized PC, WindowsCE 2.11, MIPS
70MHz, 16MB RAM).

And I ported Multilingualized Squeak in Squeak 2.8 recently.(It will be
introduced by Oshima-san's web page at an early date.)
It works with 2.8 VM comfortably, but is very slow in 2.7 VM of SqueakCE.
Probably a lot of primitive methods fails.

So, I want 2.8 VM of SqueakCE, too.

Kazuhiro ABE
abee.abe at nifty.ne.jp

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:07:08 +0900
Masato Sumi <sumi at seagreen.ocn.ne.jp> wrote:
> Andreas, 
> Would you tell us the plan, if you have, for porting the 2.8 based VM for
> CE?  Recently, of course I know you know, the CE devices come to work very
> at high speed and storage card's memory size becomes large enough store full
> image, changes and source files.  In addition, It could not deny the feeling
> the 2.7, that I'm using on CE, became somewhat old.  I think that not so few
> potential Palm-size and Handheld Squeakers are looking forward to being able
> to use 2.8 image and Dan's PIM on such as new MIPS 168MHz CE devices.
> Broken English, sorry!
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Masato Sumi

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