TGen in 2.9a?

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Thu Sep 28 15:18:19 UTC 2000

Has anyone got TGen to work in 2.9a?  I was trying to load up the 
ray-tracing language GML into 2.9a (using the tgen at, but I kept getting some really severe 
crashes ("Hit any key to restart").  Then I took a fresh 2.9a image, 
loaded all updates, then tried again from MVC.  I kept getting that 
Object did not understand variableSubclass... to create classes like 
Grammar.  I backed down to a 2.8 image and had no problem.

Perhaps it's just something I'm doing?  Have others had more success? 
Since Bob Arning had no problem loading my Wonderland-in-a-Project 
file, and then I was able to do after, too, maybe I have a black 
thumb when it comes to Squeak these days...

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