[VOT] Newbie LinuxPPC install [was: Re: [Unix]Can't get VM's off Ian's website]

Edward P Luwish eluwish at uswest.com
Thu Sep 21 17:42:40 UTC 2000

Tim Rowledge wrote:

<Various unpleasant experiences with LinuxPPC and his usual sparkling wit!>

In contrast, I bought (heaven forbid! - but you can download it from their ftp
site) Yellow Dog Linux for PPC Macs and Mac-a-likes, and the only problem was a
dislike of empty removable disk drives.  It took me a day or so to realize that
I didn't have to rewire my SCSI chains (too many dead brain cells) - I just had
to pop in a Zip here, an ORB there.  After that the installation took one
minute of answering a few questions, and maybe three hours of automated RPM
unpacking.  I could have gone out for lunch but I have this superstition that
horrible things happen if you take your eyes off the screen during installs,
reformats, defrags and backups.  When it was all over I was quite pleased with
the performance and stability of the whole thing (using KDE, not Gnome).  It's
still not for everybody, but a much better experience than I expected.


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