[GOODIE][ENH] XML Framework

Michael Rueger m.rueger at acm.org
Mon Sep 18 23:01:06 UTC 2000

Hi all,

please find attached YAX, yet another XML Framework, and StreamWrapper.
It is a cleanroom implementation, so there are no license issues ;-)

The change set also includes a first draft of a xml data binding
implementation as outlined in 
XML data binding basically allows to un/marshall objects into xml by
providing a DTD. The same object can be un/marshalled in different ways
depending on the provided DTD.

I haven't found time to adopt the SUnit xmltests to this implementation,
but maybe someone from VW XML port can help out?
I would like to receive some feedback, wether this first cut is good
enough to replace the existing comanche implementation and/or the VW XML


Change Set:		streamWrapper
Date:			18 September 2000
Author:			Michael Rueger

StreamWrapper is an abstract class. Concrete subclasses can either be 
- wrappers for objects like sockets
- reader/writer classes relying on the stream protocol in StreamWrapper
for streaming over a stream. This stream can then either be an internal
or external one.


Change Set:		yax
Date:			18 September 2000
Author:			Michael Rueger

You will need to fileIn the streamWrapper change set first.

Yet another XML Framework.
This change set includes a XMLParser with SAX and DOM support, a
XMLWriter and a the start of a framework for XML data binding. The
parser is based partly on the comanche xml implementation, mainly the
The SAXDriver/Handler implements the revised SAX2 API.


XMLTokenizer exampleAddressBook
parses an example taken from the IBM alphaworks xeena project and writes
the recognized token into the Transcript.

XMLDOMParser addressBookXMLWithDTD
parses the same example into a DOM structure using the SAXDriver and the
DOMParser being an implementation of a  SAXHandler.
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