[Updates] 6 for 2.9alpha

Bruce ONeel beoneel at mindspring.com
Fri Sep 15 13:37:00 UTC 2000

  These changes are in :



Dan Ingalls <Dan.Ingalls at disney.com> wrote:
> Folks -
> I know I had promised external updates by now, but we have been tracking down a performance bug with the new event queue.  With new events enabled we had been observing very slow dragging behavior
> 	dragging a CypherPanel
> 	rotating a complex curve with handles showing
> 	resizing a MonthMorph
> The last of the attached updates seems to fix all of these problems, so I have issued it as a priority.
> Enjoy
> 	- Dan
> ----------------------
> 2613geeMailLinks-raa -- Bob Arning -- 13 September 2000
> - add several text navigations commands to GeeMail (invoked by option/yellowButton menu)
> 	'Go to top of document'
> 	'Move selection to top of page'
> 	'Define as jump start'
> 	'Define as jump end'
> The last two allow creation of hyperlinks within the document.
> 2614geeMailTweaks-raa -- Bob Arning -- 13 September 2000
> - corrected TileMorph>>mouseDown: so that it would work in scrolled playfields
> - corrected positioning of repainted morphs in scrolled playfields"
> 2615paintBox6-tk
> 2616projectMisc-raa -- Bob Arning -- 14 September 2000
> - fix IndexFile>>logStream so that it works in a browser (full file paths required)
> - add variable 'loaderUrl' to ServerDirectory to support emailing correct project reference
> - change ServerDirectory>>fullPath: to supply additional info in copy
> - change ServerDirectory>>openNoDataFTP to retry USER when retrying PASS
> - when loading or saving projects on an ftp server, sleep the server when done so connections don't remain open so long"
> 2617moreProj-raa -- Bob Arning -- 14 September 2000
> - escape filename in url
> - fix another local name in MailDBFile>>save"
> 2618DropLaggingEvents3-di -- Dan Ingalls -- 13 September 2000
> This changeSet causes the hand to drop mouse move events that are obsolete and insignificant -- ie there are newer ones already waiting in the queue, and no new button state is included.  Also breaks out of the loop in HandMorph>>processEvents when this occurs, in order to allow a display update to take place.
> The mechanism queries Morph>>wantsEveryMouseMove that defaults to ^ false, so that certain mouse clients can override this optimization to receive every mouse point recorded by the event system.

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