ToolRegistree (was: Re: [Q] Squeak World Tour)

Jörn Eyrich Joern.Eyrich at
Mon Sep 18 10:21:04 UTC 2000

Your ToolsManager/ToolsRegistree proposal sounds good.

Would it be worth the effort not to base the association of data format and Tool on the file name suffix but on the MIME type?
That way, other applications, like for example a MIME-enabled mail client, could use the tools, too.

Isn't it commom in UNIX to have two configuration files for that?
one maps mime-types to program invocations (that would be the new ToolRegistree, mapping mime-type to method invocation)
the other one maps file name suffixes to mime-types

Maybe you could model the mechanism after that.

So you would be able to invoke the available commands on both files (suffix->mime-type->tool) and other data that you know the mime type of (for example somthing you downloaded) (mime-type->tool)


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