Zope features in Swiki?

btanksley at hifn.com btanksley at hifn.com
Fri Sep 22 19:23:18 UTC 2000

From: Mark Guzdial [mailto:guzdial at cc.gatech.edu]

>>To have a look at what Stef is talking about check out

>What are the features of Zope that you'd like to see in Swiki? I've 
>never used Zope, but when I've talked to serious Zope users, they 
>tell me that it's pretty complicated to set-up and use, which has 
>kept me away from it.

I'm a lightweight Zope user, and I found it trivial to setup and very
pleasant to use.  To start off, you download the installer binary, run it,
and point your web browser at your own computer's address and Zope's default
port (which I forget now).

I learned HTML using Zope, and greatly enjoyed it; it's nice being able to
only type something in once, and having it affect all my pages.  The
almost-unlimited transactional undo was also very effective; I could make
changes without worrying about whether I could back out of them.



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