Lex Spoon lex at
Sat Sep 2 11:32:38 UTC 2000

> 2.  We are also looking at FreeType, and other schemes (such as a simple set of primitives that would allow Squeak to tap any font accesible in your OS).  The crux of the biscuit here is:  what is the legal status of content (ie exported projects) that have these derived glyphs in them.  We may put in FreeType support anyway, but I think solution 1 above is the best move for the short term.

The suggestion is to read OS-supplied fonts into Squeak bitmaps?  If
this is legal, then how about we just extract some bitmaps from some OS
and add them into the standard starter image?

I'm worried that Squeak's portability might start eroding if we use
primitives that vary widely from OS to OS.  Just shipping a larger set
of standard fonts would seam to solve the main problems while avoiding
this possibility.


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