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>RGA 9/28/2000 13:32From: raymondasselin at sympatico.ca
>Subject: Re: Updates
>To: squeak at cs.uiuc.edu
>CC: <squeak at cs.uiuc.edu>
>This seems common if you use the 'Test release' because the file Type
>and file Creator is'nt set up.  If you know how to set it up on your Mac
>(with the appropriate software as FileBudy) the creator is 'FAST' and
>the Type changes for different file as:
>file TYPE for image = 'STim'
>file TYPE for sources = 'STso'
>file TYPE for changes = 'STch'
>I write this at my job on a Windows platform and this from "memory" but
>I thing it is OK.

Actually there is no official file type for the source file. I guess 
I'll need to add that in the next update.

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