Pending 2.8.2 Mac NS Plugin (Questions for you all)

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Sun Sep 3 03:46:58 UTC 2000

Before I generate a new Macintosh Netscape/IE plugin VM (2.8.2). I thought
I'd better also ask about the problems people have found.

Now one of the things I'm tracking is this issue about problems about
permissions on accessing the changes and/or source file in the Preference
folder. But I'm wondering if this is only an issue for non-English versions
of the Mac OS? Also if this is only an issue for mac's that have multiple
volumes on the desktop.

>Karl Ramberg <karl.ramberg at>
> I do have a Preferences
> folder in my Swedish MacOS

Also feedback on other issues is welcome. Yes I know you can't use the
Apple(cmd) keys, but that won't be fixed, the browsers tend to grab them
before Squeak can see them.

PS Confirming that full screen mode works in all those different versions of
browsers would be nice. I'm for example assuming that things are ok in iCab?

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