Argentina Spam

Edward P Luwish eluwish at
Tue Sep 12 18:32:57 UTC 2000

Ivan Brusic wrote:

> In this day of spam, the e-mail archive should NOT have mailto: links.
> Either remove the mailto: link are munge the e-mail address in an
> obvious way for humans to figure out.
> Ivan

Hmm - can anyone think of a way to munge an email address that is obvious for humans
to unmunge but not by a quickly written perl script?  Maybe if each address is
munged differently?  I think the best we can do is eliminate the obvious stuff that
gets devoured by the average address-collecting program.

Is there anything to prevent someone from creating their own squeak-L "archive"?  I
have one [a bunch of Netscape mail folders - I just don't put it on the Internet :-)
].  What can stop someone from subscribing to ANY mailing list, and then farming the
received email for addresses?

We are, after all, a pretty "elite" group of people worthy of a selective spammer -
at least, we have more members likely to travel to Argentina than, say, the
pencil-collectors maillist.


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