Filing in

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at
Sat Sep 23 21:21:24 UTC 2000

"Andrew P. Black" wrote:
> However, if I were even more of a novice than I am, I think that I
> would be really confused an surprised by this MessageNotUnderstood,
> when what I might expect is a warning like "undefined class
> TheWorldMenu".  Better, I might expect the filein to complete, and
> then get a warning that I also need to filein the class "The
> WorldMenu".

If you select a change set file in the FileList you can select to browse changes
and browse code from the yellow button menu. Both these mechanisms scans
the code before
it's loaded and could be used to notify that the class you are about to file
 into is missing.  
> Thinking about this even more, what both the novice and myself really
> need is some sort of dependence mechanism that would tell me where
> the H*ll to go looking for "TheWorldmemu".
> Thoughts, anyone?

most stuff like this is in the update stream so issuing a question if 
you want to update beyond the current change set with all the test pilot 
risks could be useful. 
>         Andrew

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