Squeak on an iPAQ

Mike Shields Mike_Shields at gscmobilesolutions.com
Fri Sep 22 15:14:23 UTC 2000

All this talk of making it faster... I just want to be able to talk small on
my ipaq.... :) I think I will be making the jump to linux with it soon, but
it seems to me it would be nice to have a version of squeak running on an
unmodified ipaq. I have ordered the M$ embedded tools, and if they ever
arrive, I'll attempt to get squeak running under ce.

(Anyone heard of making an ipaq dual-boot? now that would be cool... :)

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"Treis, Ken" <KTreis at keyww.com> wrote:
> You have a couple of choices here (WinCE, Linux), as others have
> already.  To me, one of the most interesting would be a port to the Linux
> framebuffer driver (already written by the folks at handhelds.org).
Bypass X
> entirely.

This has been begging to be written, just because it's conceptually
cleaner.  But it's true: on a computer without much RAM or disk space,
taking X out of the loop should make a real, observable difference!

It may well be faster, too.  I've reported earlier, but Squeak on
XWindows has had pretty slow screen updates whenever I've tested it. 
I'm guessing my X server just isn't all that well optimized.  Here, I'll
try again, with Squeak full-screen and at the same depth as the X

	[ 10 timesRepeat: [ Display forceToScreen ] ] timeToRun  2826
	Display extent  1152 at 864
	Display depth  32

	X Server: XFree86 3.3.5, using SVGA server
	vid card: TNT2

Yes, -xshm is enabled, and ipcs lists a shared memory segment has been


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