[ANN] Julia Set Explorer

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Sep 26 00:17:21 UTC 2000

Julia Sets are a popular family of fractals to play with, and there are
tons of programs that will display Julia Sets in beautiful detail. 
However, watching a screensaver that popped up on my monitor a few days
ago, I found a way to write a tool for *finding* good Julia Sets.  So I
put together a tool that lets you quickly choose different parameters
for the Julia Set and get a sketch of what the Julia Set will look like.

Overall, it took an hour of hacking, an hour of UI work, and about an
hour of packaging.  For such a short time spent, I don't even mind if my
advisor finds out.  :)  Check it out at:


Of course, the not-so-hidden agenda is to try and make standalone
programs in Squeak.  At this point, I can generate for RedHat/x86,
Linux, and Windows quite quickly.  Macs ought to be easy as well, except
that I can't seem to find a silly program to generate Stuffit files. 
(Anyone know of such a utility that will run on Unices?)

Comments and contributions welcomed.  :)  As well, feel free to share
any cool Julia Sets you find.


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