GeeMail hints? Naming Projects?

Doug Way dway at
Wed Sep 27 16:04:16 UTC 2000

Mark Guzdial wrote:
> Also, what's the easiest way to name projects?  I used to just change
> the title in the SystemWindow containing the project, but that's
> harder to do now from MVC.  Now, I open up a change sorter and name
> it from there, but there must be a simpler way.

Yes, in MVC you can right-click (blue button) on the titlebar of the
project, which brings up the window menu, and you can choose "edit
label" to rename the project.  (I discovered this by accident recently. 
Still, I am *very* glad that the ability to rename MVC windows by
left-clicking on the titlebar text is *gone*. :-) )

- Doug Way
  dway at
  RiskMetrics Group - Software Research, Ann Arbor, MI

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