[BUG] TextOnCurve doesn't work with centered or right alignment

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Wed Sep 27 16:13:34 UTC 2000

I've been trying to use embedded Text morphs to label lines.
But they don't work right if I want them centered or right

To demonstrate:

* make a PolygonMorph (perhaps open, so it's a line)
* embed a TextMorph in it
* tell the TextMorph to "follow owner's curve"
* Choose "centered" alignment for the TextMorph

Some or all the text disappears.
Stretch the line out and see what happens.
The problem seems to be that the text doesn't use the width of its
owner as the width to justify within.

Ned Konz
currently: Stanwood, WA
email:     ned at bike-nomad.com
homepage:  http://bike-nomad.com

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