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Sat Sep 9 12:57:56 UTC 2000

Michael Rueger <m.rueger at> wrote:
> Well, I set up a server :-)
> It isn't fully configured yet, that's why I didn't go public with it
> until now.
> I'm working on setting up an area for people to post squeaklets and
> projects, should be working really soon now ;-)
> Michael

Hi Michael,

It looks like we have had similar ideas! :)

It would probably not be sensible to have two identical site duplicating
each other with minor differences,  so perhaps I should either drop my
site plans and offer to help you, or alternatively make my site
different enough so that the two don't compete.

What I was planning to do was leverage off the server site flexibility
of zope.  (I didn't think that Squeak/Commanche was ready for this task
because of its lack of fine-grained security tools.)  I could then offer
people space on the server which they could access through the http
management interface that zope provides.  

This means that squeaklets could use the server for storage through
http, and as well could take advantage of some of the other features of
zope, such as access to the internal search tool and database.  

It would also mean that I could keep control of the server by using
zope's security model.

I think that the real possibilities in Squeaklets will make themselves
apparant in a flexible environment both at the server and client side. 
(ie, not just little applets that show scrolling text, but in immersive
environments designed to communicate server side content).

Basically, I thought that people would sign up with name and email and
would be given a directory (say in
which they could put whatever content they wanted.  I would provide a
top level directory service to link all of these sites together.

Now the question with all of this is: Is this proposal the sort of thing
you were thinking of?   As I said, I don't want to dilute any budding
squeaklet community :)    But on the other hand, variety is the spice of
life (a proverb for all occassions :)

Perhaps you could give some details of what you had in mind?


Russell Allen

russell.allen at


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