Zope features in Swiki?

Jochen F. Rick nadja at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Sep 22 23:10:17 UTC 2000

> Honestly, I thought Comanche was hard to set up- when I tried to, I found
> no helpful tutorial on how to set up a Wiki, File Server.  Although I
> did get my own Comanche modules going with little problem, with no
> instructions.  In all fairness, PWS had a pretty nice setup tutorial,
> though.

Comanche is pretty hard. ComSwiki isn't. Go to 
http://seaweed.cc.gatech.edu/refs to download.

You may want to join the PWS mailing list (pws at cc.gatech.edu) if you want 
to find out more about Comanche and Swiki.

Peace and Luck!


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