using a different license (was "Python no longer GPL-compatible (Squeak implications?)")

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at
Mon Sep 11 01:51:11 UTC 2000

>Not after all the effort I have been through to convince people that a
>piece of software with the name 'Squeak' is a serious development

Yeah, we should dump Squeak for something like "ST/I," so we can join 
that pantheon of really serious names, alluding to: Tickle, Pearl, 
Python and Gnu.  To say nothing of Squid, PopTop, and so forth.  :-)

Come on guys, this is truly silly stuff.  Let's get back to the 
Planet Earth (where lawyers don't bond and never have bonded third 
party use of open source software), get back to making great 
contributions, and step away from all of this foolishness.
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