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> Hi,
> I have downloaded the plugin stuff to my mac, and have tried it in iCab,
> Netscape and IE, but I always get a message saying:
> There is not enough memory to give Squeak the amount specified in the
> 'memory' EMBED tag.
> This is on all of the test pages, all of which specify memory="15".
> I do have enough memory!  I tried increasing the memory of the browser
> (up to 150M for iCab) but that didn't work.  I tried freeing up other
> memory, but that didn't work either.  I also tried changing the memory
> request from 15 to other values.
> What's up? Have I missed something?
> Russell

It's memory=15


memory="15"   But maybe it doesn't matter.

Also if you do not code the memory attribute, Squeak attempts to allocate 20

The memory in question is the amount to allocate for the image outside of
the working storage for the VM. This memory is allocated from the system
heap, not the application heap, so increasing the memory size of your
browser doesn't help.

There are two messages
    dataSize = getLongFromFileswap(f, swapBytes);
    heapSize = reserveExtraCHeapBytes(desiredHeapSize, extraVMMemory);
    minimumMemory = dataSize + 100000;
    if (heapSize < minimumMemory) {
                plugInNotifyUser("The amount of memory specified by the
'memory' EMBED tag is not enough for the installed Squeak image file.");
        return null;
    memory = (unsigned char *) sqAllocateMemory(minimumMemory, heapSize);
    if (memory == null) {
                plugInNotifyUser("There is not enough memory to give Squeak
the amount specified by the 'memory' EMBED tag.");
        return null;

The first message means the amount of memory you are asking for is not large
enough to load the squeak image from disk.

The second message means we could not allocate the memory. Where
sqAllocateMemory is:

void * sqAllocateMemory(int minHeapSize, int desiredHeapSize) {
  /* Allocate the Squeak object heap memory from the system heap. */

    return NewPtr(desiredHeapSize);
    return NewPtrSys(desiredHeapSize);

Of course NewPtrSys asks the OS to allocate the desiredHeapSize bytes from
the System heap. 


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