Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Sun Sep 3 00:09:07 UTC 2000

> Another way to do this is to define a set of primitives to tap into 
> each native OS renderer -- rather than going through the OpenType 
> approach.  That being the case, you'd only need a few essential 
> primitives:
> 	* get a list of fonts and their properties
> 	* get font by font and property
> and let each VM do the rest.
> The downside, of course, is that fonts might (or would) look 
> different across OSes, losing one of Squeak's most attractive 
> properties.

Not if you can legally embed the bitmap-ed versions in Squeak. E.g.,
assuming that we tap into the OS renderer and pass the bitmaps representing
certain glyphs at certain sizes up to Squeak where they are logically
organized in a StrikeFont you could ship the strike font. The big question
is if that's legal or not. As far as I understand, the general consent in
the game community seems to be that this is fine (you are not shipping the
original work nor anything from which the original work can be re-engineered
nor even the 'apparatus' which was used to create the derived work, e.g., a
specific font renderer).

At least on the level of individual use (e.g., when you're doing your work
at home and not publishing it to thousands of potential users) that seems to
me a good (and safe) way to go. I have on my machine a whole bunch of fonts
that I can't use at all.

  - Andreas

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