Why aren't these Disney Python jobs for Squeak?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Sep 22 16:29:53 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Fernhout <pdfernhout at kurtz-fernhout.com> writes:

Paul> Obviously, Squeak has things that Python+C doesn't have

And vice versa.  Until this works:

    halfdome.holdit.com>> cd /tmp/merlyn-squeak-play/
    halfdome.holdit.com>> ls
    Squeak2.8.changes  Squeak2.8.image    SqueakV2.sources
    halfdome.holdit.com>> squeak -headless

    Segmentation fault

    1083038176 CursorWithMask>beCursor
    1083038084 Cursor class>currentCursor:
    1083037992 InputSensor>currentCursor:
    1083037900 Cursor>show
    1082995260 SystemDictionary>snapshot:andQuit:
    1082995168 ScreenController>snapshotAndQuit
    1082994780 SelectionMenu>invokeOn:
    1082994688 ScreenController>controlActivity
    1082994596 Controller>controlLoop
    1082994504 Controller>startUp
    1082994292 [] in ControlManager>activeController:
    1082994384 [] in BlockContext>newProcess

we don't have Squeak as a scripting language.  Python can trivially do
this.  *** Aside: is anyone aware of this or working on this? ***

I can't imagine a CGI "script" written in Squeak no matter how well
the design would be... the startup cost of launching a new image is
probably too high.  Of course, they say that about Perl all the time,
so the point is not to startup a new image - witness Comanche et. al.

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