[UNIX] 2.8.3

Ian Piumarta Ian.Piumarta at inria.fr
Wed Sep 6 21:40:23 UTC 2000


Blessed relief!  I think we're almost there...  In the usual place:


  Squeak-2.8pre3.tar.gz (the Unix support sources)

  Squeak-2.8pre3-image.tar.gz (same as pre2, but just in case...)
  Squeak-2-sources.tar.gz (V2.sources)

This (hopefully penultimate but still PRE)-release serves three

1. Several small (but annoying) bugs fixed, including what
   seems to be the last of the socket problems that appeared
   when the SourceForge changes were incorporated.

2. Several small (but significant) changes to the build and
   distribution processes:

   - various changes for Irix (thanks to Bert) which
     should make things even more portable elsewhere too;

   - the tar files now contain "trees" reflecting the suggested
     installation locations, plus a script to do the install;

   - problems with FFI configuration should be fixed (it is now
     never built as as an internal plugin, and the build seems
     to work ok when libffi is not available).

   Plus other stuff, but I can't remember what.  Oh yes:

   - I officially throw in the towel.  There is now a configuration
     file in the "unix" dir called PLUGINS that describes the
     obvious thing.  Until something is done about the names of the
     generated files, this seems the only non-utterly-ludicrous

3. I'd like feedback as to whether the following serve any
   useful purpose whatsoever.  In the same FTP dir as the above tar

     Squeak-2.8-3.ppc.rpm	Squeak-ffi-2.8-3.ppc.rpm
     Squeak-2.8-3.i386.rpm	Squeak-ffi-2.8-3.i386.rpm

   The "ffi" stuff has been put into a subpackage to avoid complaints
   from rpm when installing the basic Squeak package.  (rpm insists
   that any package including the ffi .so files has libffi.so.1 as a
   requirement, and refuses to install without a --force/--nodeps
   switch.  I figured the most elgant solution was a separate package,
   containing just SqueakFFIPrims.so.)

   There are no sparc.rpm files, because somebody uninstalled the
   X11-devel package on our sparc-linux-gnu box while I wasn't
   looking (and I'm way too lazy to go find the rpm and put it back).

Voilà.  Enjoy!


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