Duane Maxwell dmaxwell at
Fri Sep 1 19:17:55 UTC 2000

Dan Ingalls writes:
>1.  A committed contributor to Squeak (I just want to let him be first to
>announce this) has followed up on John McIntosh's suggestion that we might
>be able to get a nice set of fonts from Doug Easterbrook.  These could
>then replace and augment the fonts now in Squeak.  It is likely that we
>will make this move as soon as they become available.

Well, it's not any _real_ secret, since I think I publicly offered to have
exobox take over that task a few weeks back.  John Sarkela, Rob Withers and
Paul McDonough did the actual work.

Basically, Doug Easterbrook provided us with a set of old-style Windows
bitmap font files (.FON) which reproduce the set of fonts typically found
on the 1984 vintage Macintosh.  For those of you who may have used such
machines, these fonts included oddballs like Los Angeles, Venice, San
Francisco, Atlanta, etc, as well as the classic workhorses Chicago, Monaco,
Geneva, New York, etc.  Doug has graciously agreed to let us release
Squeakified versions of them under the SqL.

The status is that we have the bulk of them converted to Squeak's sf2
format and have developed an installer which (occasionally) successfully
replaces all of the Apple and Microsoft fonts with these, allowing them to
be purged from the image.  Unfortunately, a couple of the font files
provided by Doug were damaged in transit and we're awaiting a resend.

The only major issue is deciding how to properly replace the MS Comic font
used primarily by EToy.  None of these new fonts seem to capture the
spirit, and the funkier ones don't really have enough point sizes available
to meet all of the requirements.

Anyone who has access to something that might be a better replacement
that's also legally unencumbered, please let us know.

BTW, does anyone (hint - SqC), have access to some sort of StrikeFont
editor, even if it's MVC, in order to save us the trouble of writing one?
I find it surprising that there isn't one built into the image....

-- Duane

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