[BUG] two different ways to handle assert:

Daniel V. Oppenheim music at watson.ibm.com
Mon Jun 11 20:26:22 UTC 2001

The system handles <assert:> in two different ways: Object expects a Block 
as argument, whereas all other 3 classes expect a Boolean. This is not a 
good idea... However, there are only 39 senders so its an easy fix; 
slightly complicated with the implementation of <assert> in BlockContext, 
but that only has 7 senders.

I think aBoolean makes more sense than aBlock as argument.

Since I need to fix this anyhow in order to file in my own code I will be 
happy to make the change, update all system methods, and send the fix in -- 
but being new to the squeak-fix process please let me know what is the 
preferred way of handling this.


	Danny Oppenheim

Dr. Daniel V. 

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