On interfaces - Morphic Wrappers

Jerry Bell jdbell at fareselaw.com
Wed Jun 6 12:56:48 UTC 2001

I've always liked playing around with Morphic Wrappers.  I'm surprised that
it hasn't migrated into the main release yet- is there any reason it hasn't
been folded in?   Typing on air is fun!

Jerry Bell
jdbell at fareselaw.com

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> Subject: On interfaces - Morphic Wrappers
> 	This days we have a thread on user interfaces, this 
> time is about
> how to use Squeak with non-standard input devices, or, more precisely,
> without keyboard. It is not the first time we can enjoy this kind of
> discussions, there have been a lot of them in the list. 
> Personally, I love
> to read about UIs.
> 	Today, we can say that once again there is a version of the
> MorphicWrappers available to download. This latest version is ready to
> be used in a Squeak3.1a-4048. It's not a long time since that previous
> update (just 100 updates), but before that it was a little longer (800
> updates).
> 	It's a really tough job to maintain MorphicWrappers (we 
> all suffer 
> for maintaining packages for squeak up to date...) We almost 
> gave up, but
> the team keeps growing and the new people comes with fresh energy to
> maintain the package.
> 	So here it comes, from deep in the heart of the latest 
> adopters of
> the MorphicWrappers way of interacting with the World: 
> 	We started the project almost 3 years ago with the first version
> of Morphic, in Squeak 2.3 (I'm not really sure when it was). 
> MW is today
> an ancient project, but we think it's still current, and even 
> a little in
> the future. We´ve been using it continously all this time, and we got
> adicted to them.
> 	Here at core where I work, there is people that learned 
> Smalltalk & Squeak using them, and the other day, one of them 
> asked what a Workspace
> is! just imagine that!
> 	Don't wait! You have to live the MorphicWrappers 
> experience, then, you'll have the experience to say "I don't 
> like MWs", but you won't say
> it.
> 	Go get them at http://mathMorphs.swiki.net/MorphicWrappers
> 	Interfacing Bye!
> 	Once again, Richie
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