Torsten.Bergmann at Torsten.Bergmann at
Sat Jun 16 07:28:46 UTC 2001

Jerry Bell wrote:
>Bob's SuperSwiki is very cool.  I'd like to set up a local SuperSwiki to
>play with here.  I've had trouble finding details- is the code for a
>SuperSwiki publically available?  If so, where?  I've looked around the
>image a bit, but I haven't found the server code itself.

I've set up an own local super swiki too.
You need to install a Comanche46/11 and the following
files from the super swikis upload directory 

	"BobSwikiMods.15Mar1745.cs"  Bobs Midifications on Comanche
	"BSS michael 21-2-01.sit"    Contains the xml templates for the

You can also use the image Bob is using:

To use your normal Squeak image with this new super swiki add it as a new
server to the blue file list with:
	s := SuperSwikiServer new 
	   	   type: #http;
     	       server: '';
          directory: '/super/SuperSwikiProj'.	
      ServerDirectory addServer: s named: 'Local SuperSwiki'

Have fun,

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