Nebraska question

Dan Ingalls Dan at
Mon Jun 25 15:45:39 UTC 2001

>I've been playing around with Nebraska a little and have a question.
>Is it possible with the code as it now stands to have an image serving
>out multiple active worlds (so that, for example, two different users
>can be browsing two different projects?  And that they can change the
>project they are looking at without affecting the project the other user
>is viewing?)
>If it isn't, how much would I need to do (roughly) to implement this?
>I am wondering whether Nebraska could be used as a sort of graphical
>MUD/MOO, with projects being similar to 'rooms'.

Russell -

This is a great question.  There are two parts to the answer, as I see things:

1.  We would need to be able to have multiple projects active at the same time.  This is already possible in certain ways.  An interesting aspect to what you seek is that it is in this sense equivalent to another significant potential improvement to Squeak:  namely, running multiple projects in multiple OS windows.

2.  The other thing that is required is also equivalent to another important current need in Squeak, and that is to run separate name spaces in separate projects so that multiple projects will not cause reference conflicts.  We expect to have this out in the system imminently.  It is only my being somewhat scattered that has caused it to wait this long :(.

Therefore, I don't think it would be that hard to do what you ask, and I think it could be a lot of fun.

	- Dan

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