Funky behavior of hidden morphs?

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at
Wed Jun 20 22:26:17 UTC 2001

> What version are you using? I've tried this in Squeak 3.0 final and Squeak
> 3.1-4081 and cannot replicate this black square phenom. Insert the usual
> list of questions here. What version of the image, which VM etc, etc. You're
> saying a stock, freshly downloaded image doesn't work?

I'm using Squeak 3.0 final #3545 on Win32 with Squeak-GL.

This occurs in my own image.  I just tried the unmodified 3.0final image,
and didn't get the same problem.  However, I do not the
invisible-window-recieving-events phenomenon you speak of.

I'll have a look at rejectsEvent:...


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