How to print

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at
Sun Jun 17 00:50:05 UTC 2001

I have a system browser, select a class, and pick show hierarchy.

How do I get the stuff in the main pane to come out on a piece of paper?  I 
gather from the FAQ and archives that this is not straightforward.  I have 
a postscript printer, and run under Linux and W2K.

Should I just copy the thing into notepad?

If I select the area and hit middle mouse/more/ send contents to printer I 
get traffic sent to the printer, but nothing actually prints.  (In fact 
under W2K my printer queue ended up blocked with a document I can't 
delete.  I've seen this happen with other programs too.)

There are various pretty print entries on the same menu, but they don't 
seem to do anything.

I also see a printer setup entry, but I'm not sure if it's used.  At any 
rate, it doesn't have any references to specific operating system devices.

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