[ENH] Cursors for Resizing

Jesse Welton jwelton at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Tue Jun 12 21:38:11 UTC 2001

Submitted for inclusion in Squeak 3.x.

"Change Set:		CursorsForResizing
Date:			12 June 2001
Author:			Jesse Welton

Changes morphic SystemWindows to use invisible resizer handles and
cursor changes for better resizing aesthetics.  This version is fully
multi-hand aware, and includes improved handling of window resizing by
software hands in general.  Previously, software hands could not
resize windows or their panes at all when the
#fastDragWindowForMorphic preference was on.  Now, they gracefully and
automatically switch to live resizing.

Note: This change set requires HandMorphCursorEnh-JW to work."

This version has worked flawlessly for me in all combinations I have
tried, including resizing a window over a Nebraska connection (with an
EventRecorder running, playback will also resize the window), and
playing back a record of a fast-framing resize made with the local
hardware hand (replay uses live updating rather than fast framing).

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