New Block Closures, New Compiled Methods, and System Tracer

Anthony Hannan ajh18 at
Fri Jun 29 17:27:50 UTC 2001

I saw on the squeak swiki two Squeak Central projects:, and

Is there any code for these, particularly any SystemTracer code.  I already
have most of the compiler and interpreter re-written using the new
CompiledMethod format and BlockClosures, but I can't test it until I convert
an image using SystemTracer.  I ran the basic SystemTracer that comes with
the latest image.  It finishes creating an image file, but when I start it
up the VM crashes (Exception code: C0000005) in Windows 98.  Has anyone
created a working clone lately?

Tim Rowledge <tim at> is widely believed to have written:
> I hope you've remembered to make it possible to manipulate the closures
> from the image side. It should remain possible to alter the return
> context, the receiver etc.

I have.

> Don't forget to modify the exception handling related prims
> to be able to scan up your frames rather than the Contexts they
> currently chase.

I'm working on this.

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