multi-threaded squeak

Tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Jun 18 17:18:43 UTC 2001

> It would be great to have this for FFI, and it's not particularly difficult
> to implement.  I don't know if there is any explicit support for doing this
> for Plugin primitives, but I suspect not.  Am I right about that?
The nearest I can think of right now is the usage of the
AsynchFilePlugin and the asynch parts of the Socket code. There's
nothing in the plugin per se, but it isn't hard to include a semaphore
in the API and make you platform code use a suitable thread to signal
that sem when appropriate.

I've not yet heard of a truly portable OS thread system, so I'd strongly
recommend that you never include the thread stuff in the plugin code but
leave it in the platform code. 


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