A problem with startUp messages

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Thu Jun 28 01:30:44 UTC 2001

Hi folks:

I've been working with David Lewis, trying to figure out why OSProcess has 
been leaving behind <defunct> zombie processes.  It turns out, the problem 
isn't with OSProcess at all...

In my image, the SystemDictionary's StartUpList has UnixOSProcessAccessor 
later in the ordered collection, after SecurityManager.  When the image gets 
restarted, only classes iterated over the StartUpList up to and including 
SecurityManager receive the startUp message.  After that, SystemDictionary>>
send:toClassesNamedIn:with: terminates prematurely, leaving several classes 
not restarted (including UnisOSProcessAccessor, the source of the OSProcess 
zombies).  Actually I'm not sure it terminates at all, it seems to get stuck 
at SecurityManager.

It looks as though SecurityManager class>>startUp never returns...but only 
during startup.  Once the image is up and running, doing a SecurityManager 
startUp seems to work just fine...it's only during the startup that something 
funny happens.  The trick is to put Transcript show: scaffolding around 'self 
default startUp' in SecurityManager class>>startUp...open a Transcript, save 
the image and quit, reload and watch what gets put in the Transcript.  The 
first Transcript show: will appear, but the second does not.  However, once 
the image is up, doing a SecurityManager startUp will show both Transcript 
show: 's.  Perhaps some sort of deadlock is happening during the restart of 
the image?

I'm a bit stumped at this point...any ideas?  This is on the UNIX VM, with the 
latest changes in the 3.1 image.

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