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Gerardo Richarte core.lists.squeak at core-sdi.com
Tue Jun 5 18:43:01 UTC 2001

	This days we have a thread on user interfaces, this time is about
how to use Squeak with non-standard input devices, or, more precisely,
without keyboard. It is not the first time we can enjoy this kind of
discussions, there have been a lot of them in the list. Personally, I love
to read about UIs.

	Today, we can say that once again there is a version of the
MorphicWrappers available to download. This latest version is ready to
be used in a Squeak3.1a-4048. It's not a long time since that previous
update (just 100 updates), but before that it was a little longer (800

	It's a really tough job to maintain MorphicWrappers (we all suffer 
for maintaining packages for squeak up to date...) We almost gave up, but
the team keeps growing and the new people comes with fresh energy to
maintain the package.

	So here it comes, from deep in the heart of the latest adopters of
the MorphicWrappers way of interacting with the World: 

	We started the project almost 3 years ago with the first version
of Morphic, in Squeak 2.3 (I'm not really sure when it was). MW is today
an ancient project, but we think it's still current, and even a little in
the future. We´ve been using it continously all this time, and we got
adicted to them.

	Here at core where I work, there is people that learned Smalltalk & Squeak using them, and the other day, one of them asked what a Workspace
is! just imagine that!

	Don't wait! You have to live the MorphicWrappers experience, then, you'll have the experience to say "I don't like MWs", but you won't say
	Go get them at http://mathMorphs.swiki.net/MorphicWrappers

	Interfacing Bye!
	Once again, Richie

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