Plot frendy alternative to GraphMorph?

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at
Thu Jun 7 23:59:39 UTC 2001


What is the functionality you need in PlotMorph.... I´m making some changes 
and I can find some time for your request....


Diego Gomez Deck

>Hello again,
>I've been using PlotMorph (part of the genetic algorithm package by Diego
>Gomez Deck and Gustavo Sznaider) to plot out data.  I also see that there
>is a GraphMorph already in the system, but it doesn't seem to be able to
>handle points, just single data values.
>Before I set myself on PlotMorph, are ther any other classes in the system
>I should be looking at?  I like GraphMorph's ability to select points and
>retrieve their values, something PlotMorph cannot do.
>Hopefully not too vague of a question...
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