[GOODIE]PixelFilterMorph (0.3)

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at chello.se
Sat Jun 16 10:33:43 UTC 2001

Karl Ramberg wrote:
> > I took the liberty to extend on Mike Reutenbergs POPIMorph goodie
> > and started to make a simple image adjustment morph. The idea is
> > to be able to adjust the likes of brightness and saturation of
> > images without leaving Squeak to do this in fx. Photoshop .
> > Open the morph from the NewMorph/Demo/PixelFilterMorph menu.
> > Select a effect and drop a SketchMorph on it.
> >
> > This is a very early version and any suggestions, specially
> > better ways of doing the color adjustments, speed this morph up
> > etc. appreciated.
> > Also the mechanism for adding new filters/effects is very crude at the moment...
> Here it is again slightly improved. Transparency is now preserved
> for all filters. Also replaced the brightness and saturation filters
> with 'lighter' and 'darker', and saturation with 'more saturated' and
> 'less saturated'. Select the filter and then pull the slider to get
> the desired value.
> Speed is still a big issue. Every thing else is also in mild flux.

Still more changes... 
-Now it accesses the form bits array instead of the x and y
coordinates. This is a slight speed improvement:-). But it's on the cost
of the wave and fuzzy filters, I have not implemented them to the 
new model. Transparency is not preserved either...
-Adding new filters should be easier :-)

Any hints to improve appreciated.

Have fun.

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