[updates] 9 more for 3.1alpha

Dan Ingalls Dan at SqueakLand.org
Tue Jun 26 02:05:40 UTC 2001

Folks -

I have just forwarded another 9 updates to the servers for 3.1a.

	- Dan
4165lsbTexFix-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 14 June 2001
Fixes texture uploads in accelerated B3D"

4166HandCaching-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 23 June 2001
This change set changes the strategy for figuring out if morphs which are held in the hand can be cached or not. Rather than asking each and every morph about whether it has some translucent color the new strategy takes into account that most translucent morphs will be backed by some opaque morph. An example is the current use of the optional button pane which is constructed using a transparent holder embedded in an opaque system window. Before these changes any window containing such a construction was not cached - now it is."

4167TruncateFile-JMM -- johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com -- 24 May 2001
Add logic to support truncating of an open file"

4168GenieDictRelocation-ar -- Andreas Raab -- 24 June 2001
Relocate the gesture dictionary from the event handler to the other properties. The gesture dictionary is in no way involved in event handling and heavily complicates various future reformulations."

4169scamperStart-ls -- Lex Spoon -- 17 June 2001
Make Scamper start at local start page, instead of instantly downloading something."

4170dbLessCeleste-ls -- Lex Spoon -- 21 June 2001
Allow Celeste to run without a database open.  Such an empty Celeste would be well suited for the Tools flap...."

4171scamperCeleste-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 25 June 2001
Put a Scamper web browser and a Celeste email tool into the tools flap.  This became possible thanks to Lex Spoon's recent scamperStart and dbLessCeleste updates that allow Scamper to start up with a default local url and Celeste to survive even if there is no mail data base yet established."

4172magnified-sw -- Scott Wallace -- 25 June 2001
Fixes a condition once seen in MagnifierMorph initialization, which could halt the creation of a 'Widgets' flap.
Makes Magnifiers launched from the Widgets flap be named 'Magnifier' rather than 'Screening'"


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