MPEG on Windows NT?

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at
Thu Jun 21 05:09:37 UTC 2001

Lex Spoon wrote:
> Thanks John, Robert, other John, and Noel -- you have really helped
> narrow the problem!  In fact, it seems to work for everyone but us!
> Either the problem is specific to Windows NT, or there is something
> goofy in our setup -- either of NT, or of Squeak.
> It would still be wonderful to hear from anyone who has specifically a
> pre-Win2000 Windows NT box who can try this experiment.  In the
> meantime, though, I guess we're going to start recompiling various
> versions of the plugin and seeing what we can come up with....
> John Maloney writes:
> > The bugs are in the original C library--which we got for free, so I'm not
> > complaining. I don't think that John Macintosh introduced any of these
> > bugs; they seem completely unrelated to the color conversion code that
> > he worked on.
> >
> Too bad about the C bugs.  I've actually seen an occasional one of these
> myself, in particular if your MPEG file is questionable.  It sure would
> be nice to have a *Squeak* MPEG reader, so that the errors can be
> tracked down more easily, but like John says, we're much better off than
> with no MPEG reader at all!

Yup, big thanks to JMM for making the MPEGPlugin.

There is a java MPEG player 'out there' so why not a Squeak one? 
I've been looking into writing one but the logic is too overwhelming
at the moment. If more people were interested I would be happy
to collaborate though. 
A pure smalltalk MPEG video player would be too slow for anything but
research though, but with Slang and native compiling, it would be 
a great contribution to 'the effort' :-)

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