Image Morphs

Torsten.Bergmann at Torsten.Bergmann at
Fri Jun 29 13:47:45 UTC 2001

Have a look at the PixelFilter demo accessible on Bobs Super Swiki (BSS)

Download it from within you squeak using the orange "find" button at the
bottom of your squeak window or install the squeak plugin from
and open the project inside of your browser.
The projects changeset includes the code. 

Also have a look at the Image processing framework source code. (Project Overview) and
for the code and samples.


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I've been poking around the systems browser, and I've figured out how to
load a jpeg into an ImageMorph.  But, how to I get access to that jpeg,
pixel by pixel (like to built a histogram of the image, for instance), and
write it back to disk?  Or is the ImageMorph the wrong way to go about

Joshua Boyd

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