[ENH] inlined errors not (was: RE: Squeak textbox and events)

Wiebe Baron wiebe at cosmocows.com
Sun Jun 3 00:42:40 UTC 2001

Here's one late-night solution to in lined error message irritations. It
basically does what most coding environments do, error messages appear at
the bottom of the window and the cursor is moved to the offending spot. This
is a quick hack but the error box could be turned into some kind of
listMorph supporting multiple error messages, code warnings, optimization
hints, encouragements, recipes, squeak foundation banner advertising... I
digress. At the very least it'll save you one keystroke.
Jpeg attached.


> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Andrew P. Black [mailto:apb at cse.ogi.edu]
> Verzonden: 13 May 2001 20:08
> Aan: squeak at cs.uiuc.edu
> Onderwerp: RE: Squeak textbox and events.
> We have the tools to do something that might feel more natural, at
> least to someone unused to the Smalltalk Paragraph Editor.  That is:
> we have balloons, as used in balloon help.  It seems to me a balloons
> would be a natural place to put an error message.  What I can't
> figure out is: when is the "natural" time to make the balloons
> disappear?  Probably not when you first put the cursor at the
> offending place, because you may not have fully read the contents
> yet.  But while you are editing, the balloon would be in the way.  It
> seems that in lined error messages that I can read or delete at will
> have advantages.
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