Squeakland Evolution project thingy

Joshua 'Schwa' Gargus schwa at cc.gatech.edu
Fri Jun 1 11:28:27 UTC 2001

On Thu, May 31, 2001 at 03:11:01PM +0100, Keith Hodges wrote:


> What I would prefer to see is people using language to say what they really
> mean, something like this "If we hold the theory of evolution to be true, which
> it is likely to be given the philosphical viewpoint or axiom that assumes there
> is no outside agent then it is likely that the process of evolution evolved the
> animals, both their bodies and their habits ..."

Umm... keep in mind the target audience for the active essay that sparked this
thread.  Don't you think that this wording might be a bit much for a sixth grade



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