[BUG][FIX]Unstable Squeak Won't Load Modules on Macintosh

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at mucow.com
Mon Jun 4 15:23:58 UTC 2001

>> 4. Suggestions for SUnit testing.  In earlier versions of SUnit tester
>> GUIs, I was able to filter by category and method those tests that 
>> would
>> be run in the "Run All" button.
> If that already exists (as it seems from what you write), someone can 
> drop
> sarkela at home.com a note that they want to contribute it.

There are a bunch of SUnit ports out there that do this.  One, for 
Squeak 2.8, for example, is at:


Since I routinely write code and tests together these days, I haven't 
given a moment's thought to whether I uploaded the current copy myself 
or whether an SUnit (based on SUnit 2.X) is already in the Squeak 3.1 
base image.

At any rate, I'll probably undertake to backport the 3.X Sunit to Squeak 
3.1 anyway in the near term for my own use (any reason why it wouldn't 
"just work?")\\.  At that time, I'll just go ahead and add the feature.

Now, this raises an important question the answer for which I'd like to 
hear from the StSq community:

I know how and in what shape a contribution can be made for the regular 
Squeak image -- all I need to do is build a changeset, load it into a 
base image, and test.  It is far less obvious for me how to do this with 
the Repository.  Since more than a few of you are working on the 
product, I presume you already have this pegged -- how do you package up 
your contributions/changes and, just as important, add them to the 
repository?  Will this require new tools not yet built, or are there 
mechanisms already in place for this?

By the way, I am massively excited about a superstructure for packaging 
Squeak goodies and the like.  I have long since felt that, with or 
without modules, a "FreeBSD ports"-like facility would be invaluable to 
the Squeak community, making it unnecessary to perform the agonizing 
search through Swiki or maintaining a long mail archive of code, most of 
which I will never use.  It would be even better for the bulk of the 
repository code to exist off-line, so that the entire panoply of "ports" 
could be available in an image without occupying any great amount of 
space on disk, but still providing excellent version management 
features.  (Again, FreeBSD ports does this as well as I've seen it done).

Anyway, I've got my Stable Squeak under control on my machine now -- I'd 
be inclined to repackage it for the rest of us, but I understood that 
John intended an imminent release of a new version.  Recommendations?		

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