stable Squeak (Fonts) free Accuny for browser.

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Mon Jun 4 06:12:37 UTC 2001

[ On Sunday, June 3, 2001 at 23:25:52 (-0400), Paul Fernhout wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: stable Squeak (Fonts) free Accuny for browser.
> I did like the much earlier suggestion (a year ago?) of
> having the default fonts be from X-11 which someone said were
> effectively completely unencumbered.

Just in case you'd like nicer looking fonts with more complete sets of
glyphs than the default X11 fonts offer, at least for fixed-width uses,
you might want to have a look at the ETL fonts for X11.

There are a few TrueType and PS Type-1 fonts in there along with all the
BDFs.  Most importantly there are fonts for all the major Asian and
European languages in the standard encodings.

I don't know if these are completely unencumbered or not, but they are
apparently freely redistributable.  There's no copyright notice in the
distribution and the README says they are "free".  And they do look very
nice.  (in particular they do not appear to be under the GPL)

There's also a collection of about 79 additional add-on fonts for X11
called the "freefonts".  Most are proportional.  Some of them are
complete in at least a few sizes.  Some are unique or bizzare, such as
braille and davysbigkeycaps.  Some are even nice looking.
They're available in several places, including here:

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