Onward and Upward

Randy Siler rsiler at u.washington.edu
Fri Jun 1 23:55:25 UTC 2001

Just curious: Does this involve a disassociation with Disney?

> From: Dan Ingalls <Dan.Ingalls at squeakland.org>
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> Subject: Onward and Upward
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> Folks -
> You may notice that the members of Squeak Central have new email addresses
> today.
> We have long contemplated a more independent existence, and the time has come
> to take that step. We have formed "The Learning Research Institute" to
> continue our interests in "Personal Computing For Children of All Ages" and
> all of us are now part of "LRI".
> For members of this list, there should be no noticeable impact. Squeak is our
> vehicle of choice, and we will continue to bestow the usual attention on it as
> well as on our evolving vision of personal and interpersonal computing.  We
> remain committed to maximizing synergy in the Squeak community through
> collaboration and coordinated evolution of Squeak itself.
> For us, the change enables a continued focus on the barriers that remain
> between the potential of Squeak and what is accessible to the large majority
> of children and adults in the world.  It also allows us to press on with the
> SqueakLand work, opening what we have achieved so far to everyone connected to
> the Internet.
> With a Squeak Foundation taking shape, and important results emerging from the
> Stable Squeak World Tour, this is a time of opportunity. Our intention, as
> always, is to work entirely in the open, and to collaborate with the rest of
> the community in every way possible.
> On to SqueakLand!
> - Dan, for all of us at SqC

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