[FIX] [BUG] MessageSet>>parse:toClassAndSelector:-- fix for error

JArchibald at aol.com JArchibald at aol.com
Tue Jun 19 08:48:43 UTC 2001


I ran into a bug which a one of a kind. In a Browser looking at class Object, 
select method #class, then select 'implementors of...' to bring up a browser 
on MessageSet. If you then select the only method there, the contents pane 
will contain 'Missing'. This is not correct. As far as I can tell, this the 
the only case which causes this.

This change set fixes this.

>From the preamble:
    Fixes incorrect parse for case 'Object class' in MessageSet when 
    there is a {message category} (which is now usually the case).


Jerry L. Archibald
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