Committee on Senseless Method Addition spair at
Thu Jun 21 11:08:36 UTC 2001

As you all may be aware, the Morph class has 924 methods.  That leaves only
76 methods to reach the 1000 method mark.  To encourage and help achieve
this milestone, the Committe for Senseless Method Addition is announcing a
contest.  The person to release the 1000th method on Morph into the update
stream will recieve a prize (to be determined).  To ensure that these
methods are not trivial, do nothing methods, the winner must contain at
least 30 lines of code (one line with 30 statements is acceptable).  These
methods must be located in Morph, not subclasses of Morph, however, methods
that should logically reside in a subclass of Morph, but are implemented in
Morph are acceptable providing that you also submit override methods for
non-applicable subclasses that simply invoke #doesNotUnderstand:.

I hope that everyone will be eager to participate...if everyone of the list
were to contribute just one method, I'm sure that we could break the 1000
mark in no time.

Good Luck!

The Committe for Senseless Method Addition (CSMA)

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